LYTA is a global architecture firm based in Madrid capital, founded in 2003. It has more than 200 projects of a very diverse nature and scale, mostly carried out in Spain, with specific international actions.

Our main vocation is to serve society by creating beautiful and functional spaces to positive impact on people lives, providing this way the best value for our clients.

We build ideas, we transmit values.

“Architecture should amaze and excite those who live it, over and over again.”

Ignacio López.
Architect Partner


Since 2010 the studio has its own interior design studio and carries out independent hospitality projects, restoration, private and collective residential buildings, headquarters offices and retail.

Architecture and interior design as a whole service in the same studio offers a considerable advantage for clients who request both disciplines. Unify vision of the global project, harmony and authenticity in design and optimized control of costs and times.

“As interior designers we envision the greatest potential of each space for the use to be created, we work on every detail as a characterization of the work as a whole and we seek to evoke emotions.”

Ignacio López.
Architect Partner

Our great competitive advantage, the ability to excite and get excited about each project.
With more than 20 years of experience, we have an exceptional team of architects and collaborators, an architectural practice that advocates for beauty, technology, function, sustainability and customer satisfaction and the resources and tools necessary to meet deadlines and always exceed the expectations of our customers.
We master all phases of the real estate process, the construction process, materials, prices, the most advanced technology and market trends. We assiduously collaborate with the best buildings trade unions to optimize our projects and adjust them to their constructive reality. We invite artists to collaborate in our projects and we seek to contribute a fresh, renovating vision of their own vision of the project.

“Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, efficient and feasible buildings. Do it all with passion, contributing our experience and better attitude on the way to achieve it. ”

Vicente Domingo.
Senior Architect
Technical architect


Our leadership lies in the firmness that give knowledge and experience , the clarity of ideas and objectives, honesty, the capacity of wonder, the ability to spread emotions, passion for architecture and the firm purpose of giving the best of ourselves at work.

“We connect illusions and people.
Everything is possible thanks to each client who trusts us. “

Manuel Rodriguez.
Senior Architect

We must permeate the spaces with a significant will and act positively on the portion of nature that we take over, turning it into culture.

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